Hord is a decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol for tokenized pools represented by a single pool token, including ETH staking. The smart contracts developed by the Hord team have been used to create a handful of different products related to tokenized pools. These different products include Hord ETH Staking Pool, Hord DEX, Viking DAO, Private Pools, and Champions Pools.


Hord ETH Staking Pool

Hord has developed an innovative liquid ETH staking platform that allows users to stake ETH without minimums, provides a secure and simple UX, and offers the highest APRs. hETH, Hord’s liquid ETH staking derivative token, will also be available on various DeFi platforms.

Hord DEX

Hord DEX is a unique decentralized exchange specializing in all things Hord. Listings will include hETH, Champion’s Pool tokens, and Viking DAO tokens, even during vesting periods.

Private Pools

Hord’s Private Pools are a tool that allows hedge funds, VCs, DAOs, and financial firms to manage their funds on-chain. Private Pools empower financial institutions by providing full control & monetization options over their pools.

Viking DAO

Viking DAO is a platform specifically designed for investing in pools of up to 20 early-stage projects at private sale token pricing. Backers receive pool tokens that reflect the value of the underlying projects within the pool.

Champions Pools

Champions Pools allows anyone to create or follow tokenized investment portfolios that followers monetize. Changes to a Champion’s portfolio will immediately be broadcasted to followers that will automatically adjust their portfolio.


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