Bug Bounty

Hord's Bug Bounty Program offers rewards to anyone who reports valid vulnerabilities and exploits on their app and domains.

Community-driven auditing is the foundation of decentralized security. Hord encourages users to identify bugs, penetration vectors, front-end vulnerabilities, financial attack vectors, and other issues that may risk or destabilize the network and its operations.

To report a potential bug, users should fill out a form with detailed and comprehensive information.

Hord's development team reviews and prioritizes reported bugs and implements fixes accordingly. Rewards are proportional to the severity of the reported issue and are determined by factors such as the severity of the issue, its complexity, and reproducibility.

Stable tokens or an equivalent amount in HORD tokens will be rewarded for valid bug reports. The maximum reward amount varies depending on the severity of the bug. Hord encourages users to uncover issues related to contracts, API, the Hord Protocol, and Front-End. Issues affecting outdated or unpatched browsers, those that have not been thoroughly investigated or comprehensively reported, and those that cannot be reproduced are not eligible for the bug bounty.

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