Token Utilities

The HORD token, like hETH, is a tradeable and transferable token. HORD’s main use case is revenue share and token governance.

Revenue Share

As a way for HORD token holders to benefit from the financial gains of the liquid staking platform, Hord has introduced a revenue share mechanism.

By participating in perpetual staking farms, HORD token holders can earn rewards that stem from the platform's revenue. The revenue is generated by the validators, and 50% of it is converted into HORD through a buyback program and distributed to stakers via the perpetual staking farms. It's worth noting that 50% of validator revenue equates to 10% of all validator rewards at Hord.

To implement revenue share, a new smart contract that monitors the duration of token staking was created by the Hord team. This contract will also establish a minimum time requirement for earning rewards and take regular snapshots to ensure that stakers receive their fair share.


Hord token governance is an essential aspect of the Hord ecosystem, allowing HORD token holders to have a say in the platform's decision-making process. Token holders can issue, discuss, and vote on proposals.

For more information on Hord Governance, please see the segments above or the Hord Governance Gitbook.

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