Why Hord?

First and foremost, Hord is committed to decentralization, offering an alternative to the centralization challenges posed by dominant providers. By participating in Hord's ETH staking pools, you actively contribute to Ethereum's decentralized ethos, helping maintain its security and trustlessness.

Hord rewards HORD token holders with 50% of the revenue generated by the platform. This revenue share is distributed proportionally to HORD holders, providing an additional incentive for users to participate in Hord's staking pools and support the platform's growth.

The Hord team realizes the importance of providing a simple and intuitive stake process for its users. Users can easily stake their ETH and earn rewards without having to worry about complicated technical processes or confusing interfaces.

Furthermore, Hord places a strong emphasis on safety and security. All of Hord’s smart contracts have been thoroughly audited and battle-tested to safeguard user funds

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