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How to Bridge HORD Tokens via ChainPort

The HORD Token is available on both the Arbitrum One and Ethereum. Bridging your HORD tokens between Arbitrum One and Ethereum with Hord's partner ChainPort is straightforward and simple. With ChainPort, you can easily manage your HORD tokens on either network hassle-free.
Here's a quick guide to help you bridge your HORD tokens across both networks. This guide describes how to Bridge the HORD token from Arbitrum One to Ethereum. To bridge tokens in the opposite direction, please reverse the source and target chains.
Step 1 - Connect Your Wallet
Go to ChainPort's bridge (https://app.chainport.io/) and connect your wallet. Ledger, Trezor, Coinbase Wallet, Wallet Connect, and Metamask are all supported by ChainPort. Select the wallet containing the HORD tokens you wish to bridge.
Click the 'Connect Wallet' button and select your wallet
Step 2 - Select the Chains & Token
In the drop-down menu, you can choose a source chain and a target blockchain. In our example, the source chain is Arbitrum, and the target chain is Ethereum. Next, select HORD as the token you’d like to bridge. Please note that HORD does not have liquidity on other blockchains.
Select the token you wish to bridge as well as the source and target chains
Step 3 - Confirm Tx & Get Tokens
Review all related information before confirming the transaction. The details include the source and destination chains, gas fees, and the number of HORD tokens you are bridging. Once all details are confirmed, please approve the transaction and wait a few minutes for it to be processed. Once completed, your HORD tokens have been bridged to Ethereum.
Review all details and confirm porting tokens
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