Proposal Submission at Hord

The decision-making process at Hord is based on community engagement and collaboration to ensure inclusivity and effectiveness. The process is divided into the following five steps:

Step 1: Research Phase

Any community member can initiate a proposal by drafting a ‘Request for Comment’ or RFC. RFCs should clearly describe the proposed change, its objectives, and its potential impact on the platform.

Step 2: Community Feedback and Iteration

There is a 10-day period of community discussion and feedback on RFCs. Token holders are encouraged to participate actively, offering constructive input and proposing alternative solutions or amendments. As a result of this iterative process, proposals can be refined and enhanced based on diverse perspectives.

Step 3: Proposal Finalization

After an ample discussion and iteration period, the RFC is finalized, incorporating valuable insights from the community. The proposal is then ready for submission.

Step 4: Snapshot Voting

The finalized proposal is submitted to the Hord Snapshot voting platform enables token holders to cast their votes on governance proposals. The voting system and specifications are detailed below.

Step 5: Execution and Implementation

If a proposal reaches the minimum quorum and satisfies the voting threshold, the Hord team will implement the approved changes responsibly and promptly.

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