Staking with Hord

The simplest way to stake ETH at Hord is via the Hord app and its interface to the underlying smart contracts.

While Hord supports all common Ethereum-based wallets, we will use MetaMask for the sake of example due to its popularity. You can download and install MetaMask here.

After installing MetaMask, be sure to set the network to the Ethereum Mainnet. The next step is to get some ETH. This can be done easily by purchasing ETH directly on Metamask via debit/credit card or via an exchange. If you purchase ETH via an exchange, send it directly to your MetaMask address before staking with Hord, or else you may not receive your hETH.

Now that you have a wallet and some ETH to stake, let's head over to the Hord app.

Start by connecting your wallet. If you’re using MetaMask you will be prompted to connect your MetaMask extension. Be sure to click the blue button to proceed.

Be sure to add Arbitrum as a network on MetaMask after connecting your wallet. This can be done by clicking on the Ethereum logo on the top right corner of the Hord app, and then clicking on Arbitrum. You will then be prompted to approve Arbitrum as a network in MetaMask. After approving Arbitrum, please switch back to the Ethereum network.

Next, you will be asked how much ETH you’d like to stake. Be sure to leave a portion of your ETH in your wallet to cover the associated gas costs for interacting with a smart contract. Gas fees can vary at times, and to lower the costs, consider staking on a Sunday or Saturday at around 11 PM UTC or limit the transaction’s max gas setting.

Review the transaction details before approving it. When you’re ready, hit the approve button and wait a few minutes. The next step is to add hETH as a token in MetaMask so you’ll see your balance. To do this, click on the “Import Token” button on MetaMask and click on “Custom Token.”

hETH’s contract address is:


After pasting the address, The Token Symbol should automatically be filled with hETH, and the Decimals of Precision should automatically be filled with 18.

After adding hETH, you should see your balance. Please note that hETH is a value-accruing liquid staking token and does not mirror ETH’s value directly. The value of hETH should be greater than ETH, and as such, the amount of hETH you receive will be lower than the ETH staked.

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